Debt Consolidation in Westfield, NB

If you are struggling with multiple debts, a debt consolidation prepared at Westfield may be the answer. No matter how deep your debt is, and no matter what the causes, Westfield NSC PLO are here for you. A trustee will put all his knowledge at your service to help you find the balance.

We have already helped thousands of Canadians get out of seemingly insurmountable debt through customized solutions, such as debt consolidation; we can help you too.

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Why make a debt consolidation?

Why make a debt consolidation?

Your best option may be debt consolidation if your financial equilibrium is compromised. It allows you to collect your many debts in one, which you will repay by a single monthly payment. Consolidated debt is often subject to a lower interest rate than that applied to your previous debts. 

You can take advantage of NSC PLO trustee expertise if:

  • you are currently spending more than you earn;
  • your creditors threaten you with lawsuits;
  • you often do not pay all your bills
  • your financial situation is a source of anxiety and stress.

If you live in New Brunswick, contact the nearest NSC PLO office immediately. Regardless of the amount of your debts, you can count on the professional and confidential assistance of NSC PLO.

Is debt consolidation tailored to your needs?

Is debt consolidation tailored to your needs?

With consultants in more than 35 offices serving Quebecers fighting against debt, NSC PLO is undoubtedly your best ally. Half a century during which NSC PLO helped people like you to overcome their debt.

The consumer proposal

The consumer proposal is a simple measure that allows for an arrangement with its creditors to negotiate the terms of repayment of its debts by spreading them, for example, in monthly payments spread over a maximum of five years (without interest).

Settlement of debt amicably

It may be possible, depending on the amount of your debts, to negotiate with your creditors a reduced interest rate and a realistic payment schedule that respects your ability to pay.

The voluntary deposit

Under this program, the court can carry out on behalf of the person a debt consolidation at a 5% interest rate and repay the creditors.

When debt becomes insurmountable, most people consider Ananse. There are, however, several other options to consider at Westfield, options that may be more appropriate to their financial situation.

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