Help with payday loans -We’ve Got consolidation loans to pay off payday loans

Have you taken a few payday loans that have already become heavy for you? Before you get into even more debt, think about available solutions. One of them is the consolidation of payday loans for those in debt. How to get it Viewing.

We’ve Got consolidation loans to pay off payday loans

A consolidation loan is a liability that combines several payday loans into one. How does it look in practice? The bank lends you money so that you can settle all payday loans incurred so far. Thanks to this, instead of several installments, you pay one, which is usually lower than the sum of existing installments. Of course, for such a loan to make sense, it must be tailored to your financial capabilities. The bank usually extends the repayment period in order to be able to reduce the installment of the liability. As a result, it often turns out that this financial product is more expensive, but at the same time prevents falling into even larger debts.

For consolidation of payday loans to be profitable, you need to approach the topic sensibly. You should carefully compare all the offers on the market. However, another indicator – APRC, is important from the interest rate. He shows what the real cost of the loan will be because, in addition to interest, it includes the commission and any additional fees.


Finally, the monthly installment must be adequate for your earnings. And most importantly – you must report to the bank before you start having problems paying back payday loans. If the BIK shows that you are not paying debts, the bank may issue a negative decision.

How to pay off payday loans? A way to get out of debt

How to pay off payday loans? A way to get out of debt

Taking a payday loan is very simple and quick. Currently, you do not even have to leave your home, just send an application online and wait until the funds are in the bank account. Although it can not be hidden that this is a convenient solution, it can raise many problems. And the temptation to deal with financial problems in this way is increasing.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking out payday loans as long as you pay them back regularly. It is worse if you already have a few and your income does not allow them to be repaid. Then it is not difficult to fall into a spiral of debt, which consists of the fact that you take another loan online to pay off the previous one. How to avoid it

There are several ways. You can renegotiate contract terms. However, in the case of payday loans, it may prove difficult because each of them is granted for a small amount and the para bank may not see the rightness in such action. It is always worth looking around for an additional source of income, thanks to which you will gain funds for repayment of installments. And when this is not an option, think about consolidating payday loans.

Consolidation loans without creditworthiness

Consolidation loans without creditworthiness

Not only banks grant liabilities to pay off other debts. Parabanks often offer loans without creditworthiness. The creditworthiness consists of, among others income, type of employment and history in BIK. You may not meet the conditions required by the bank and your application will be rejected. Then the only way to consolidate is a non-bank loan.

Only with such offers should you be careful. Due to the fact that para bank bears a higher risk, it does not offer such favorable conditions. It may turn out that the repayment of such a loan will be too much of a burden for your budget. Therefore, always look for help at the bank first.

Money Borrowing and death

What happens to your loan if you die? Consumers regularly ask themselves this. Logical, because you do not want to leave your relatives with a loan that you have taken out. On this page you will find more relevant information about borrowing money and dying. We will focus in particular on the possibilities to cover (insure) you against the financial consequences of death in relation to the loan. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remission in the event of death

Remission in the event of death

Upon the death of the contractor (s), the lender will recover the outstanding loan from the surviving relatives. When the surviving relatives accept the legacy, the surviving relatives must realize that they must also meet this obligation.

It is often possible to take out insurance with a loan that insures the loan in the event of death. This insurance is called a remission in the event of death. In the event of death, the insurance company pays an amount that is equal to the outstanding amount at the time of death, so the remaining debt will be paid. Suppose you have taken out a loan of $ 20,000 and at the time of death there is still $ 15,000 outstanding, then $ 15,000 will be waived.

Insurance costs

Insurance costs

In Good Finance Financing is possible to insure your loan in case of death, which can be closed for only the first or 2nd contractor, or for both contractors. You pay a net premium for this insurance that is calculated for you, this premium depends on the size of the loan and your age. Good Finance will charge a one-off charge of $ 89 for the insurance mediation. You can find more information about this insurance here.

It is not mandatory to take out insurance with your loan, you decide this yourself! In summary, the total costs consist of two components: a one-off $ 89 mediation fee and then a monthly premium that is calculated at the time you make the (quotation) request.

Standard cancellation in the event of death in the loan

Standard cancellation in the event of death in the loan

With some lenders the loan is automatically insured in the event of death, this is often limited to a maximum amount. The costs for this insurance are then ‘packaged’ in the interest, which means that the interest is higher than with a lender who has no standard cancellation in the event of death in the loan.

Maximum age insurance in the event of death

Maximum age insurance in the event of death

With Good Finance it is possible to take out death insurance up to the age of 60, this is not possible above that.

Insurance not possible

Insurance not possible

In certain cases it is not possible to take out insurance through us. If this is not possible to take out death insurance with your loan, you can always ask insurance companies yourself whether it is possible to take out a separate term life insurance policy. This individual term life insurance policy pays out a sum of money in the event of death that you have agreed with the insurer in advance, so this amount is not linked to the remaining loan amount that you still owe to the lender.

Payday loan consolidation -Help via payday loan debt consolidation companies

In 2018, the debt per inhabitant of the Wrocław agglomeration amounted to 29.2 thous. Golden. As you can easily guess, mortgage loans constituted the vast majority of this value, as much as 23.2 thousand. Golden. The BIK report leaves no room for illusions, residents of Wrocław after Warsaw residents eagerly reach for loans.

Get help through payday loan debt consolidation companies 

Payday loan consolidation can also be a way out of the difficult financial situation. After taking advantage of the consolidation loan, the customer gains one, often smaller installment, can receive more favorable credit terms, increases his creditworthiness and has the right to use additional cash and spend it for any purpose.

There are many consolidation loan offers on the market. One of them is the offer of the bank – Consolidation cash loan, where the APRC is 8.94% and the commission remains at 6%. Another interesting proposition is the Mini Aktra offer (Consolidation) of the Pakori Bank and the offer of the consolidation loan of the Credither.

Wroclaw, as a large city, offers its residents not only a beautiful market, picturesque bridges or a number of entertainment in the form of a zoo or the famous Wroclaw aquapark, but also a wide range of financial and business services.

In 2018, 20 different banks operated in the city, which also had a dozen or so branches. Inhabitants of large cities, despite the fact that they have access to such a large number of companies and financial institutions, are increasingly willing to use electronic banking and apply for online loans without leaving home.

Loans Wrocław – purchase of an apartment

Loans Wrocław - purchase of an apartment

Every now and then new housing estates with beautiful, modern apartments are created. An apartment for everyone will find the one who dreams of life in the center, and an amateur of peace and quiet, who would like to have a view of the Oder from the windows of the apartment.

Unfortunately, apartments in Wroclaw cost a lot. Per 1 m 2 of residential premises, will have to pay an average of 6 000 zł, assuming that you do not choose a trendy neighborhood, or an apartment on the top floor of an apartment building.

Wrocław housing loans

Wrocław housing loans

When looking for the best offer for a housing loan in Wroclaw, you should check whether the bank’s offer applies only to the secondary and primary market, or whether it does not matter.

Next, compare the interest rate, APRC and commission charged by the bank. The above parameters are influenced not only by the loan amount or repayment period, but also by our history and creditworthiness.

Mortgages Wrocław – offers

Mortgages Wrocław - offers

Looking for the best mortgage in Wroclaw, you can go to the nearest branch of Pakori Bank and check the offer Home loan. An attractive offer was also prepared by the Credither and the Citi Handlowy bank.

Our observations show that the offers of these three banks can boast the best APRC and one of the lower commissions.

There are also brokers in Wrocław who help future borrowers deal with all matters related to the mortgage (delivery of documents on time, assistance in choosing the best offer).

Some developers (e.g. Murapol SA) even employ special advisers who help in calculating the customer’s creditworthiness and in negotiations with banks regarding better credit terms.

Wrocław loans – a company loan in Wroclaw

Wrocław loans - a company loan in Wroclaw

It is not without reason that Wrocław is referred to as a magnet for companies. Antal’s report shows that over 22% of entrepreneurs who plan to geographically develop their company indicate Wrocław as one of the most desirable locations.

Wrocław takes the second, honorable place right after Warsaw, thanks to the fact that it has a large potential of office space, good inter-city infrastructure and high availability of future employees – there are over 30 universities in the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

Loans for Wroclaw companies

Entrepreneurs who plan to develop their business in this city have a wide range of credit offers to choose from. Virtually every bank operating in the city has an extensive catalog of revolving and investment loans, or the so-called start-up loans dedicated to newly opened companies or startups.

Medial Bank has a wide range of loans for companies, which, depending on the purpose of lending, adjusts the offer to a specific customer. You can also take advantage of the development and investment loan, loan for professionals or financing opportunities for companies. Pakori Bank grants mortgage, revolving and start-up loans to small and medium-sized enterprises from just one day of operation.

Banks such as MyBank, Jest Bank and Meteor Bank, which occupy high places in the rankings of company loans, are also very popular. In Wroclaw, you can also use the services of private companies that mediate in the process of obtaining a loan.

Wrocław loans – payday loans without BIK

Payday loans Wroclaw is an offer of parabanks addressed to people who need a quick injection of cash, but for some reason do not meet the strict conditions set by the bank.

A customer applying for this type of loan can count on a loan, which usually does not exceed several thousand zlotys and is granted for a very short period – usually 30 days.

Repayment of the loan consists in the timely, one-time return of the entire borrowed amount, otherwise very high financial penalties will be charged. Some loan companies offer free first loans.

By using this proposal, the customer pays exactly as much as he borrowed, without paying any commission. Such an offer has been prepared, for example by ByLoan, Valoan or MetLoan.

Bad credit history and credit

Bad credit history and credit

People who not only do not meet the bank’s conditions, but also have a large backlog of payments and have a negative credit history, can think of such a product as loans without BIK Wrocław. Loans without BIK are granted to persons who have a problem with financial liquidity at a given moment.

In such cases, the lender usually does not check the credit history in the databases of the Credit Information Bureau or the National Debt Register and makes the loan decision almost immediately.

This type of loans is burdened with very high costs – the lender must somehow protect against any problems related to delay or non-repayment.

Debt Consolidation in Westfield, NB

If you are struggling with multiple debts, a debt consolidation prepared at Westfield may be the answer. No matter how deep your debt is, and no matter what the causes, Westfield NSC PLO are here for you. A trustee will put all his knowledge at your service to help you find the balance.

We have already helped thousands of Canadians get out of seemingly insurmountable debt through customized solutions, such as debt consolidation; we can help you too.

There is 1 office near you


Why make a debt consolidation?

Why make a debt consolidation?

Your best option may be debt consolidation if your financial equilibrium is compromised. It allows you to collect your many debts in one, which you will repay by a single monthly payment. Consolidated debt is often subject to a lower interest rate than that applied to your previous debts. 

You can take advantage of NSC PLO trustee expertise if:

  • you are currently spending more than you earn;
  • your creditors threaten you with lawsuits;
  • you often do not pay all your bills
  • your financial situation is a source of anxiety and stress.

If you live in New Brunswick, contact the nearest NSC PLO office immediately. Regardless of the amount of your debts, you can count on the professional and confidential assistance of NSC PLO.

Is debt consolidation tailored to your needs?

Is debt consolidation tailored to your needs?

With consultants in more than 35 offices serving Quebecers fighting against debt, NSC PLO is undoubtedly your best ally. Half a century during which NSC PLO helped people like you to overcome their debt.

The consumer proposal

The consumer proposal is a simple measure that allows for an arrangement with its creditors to negotiate the terms of repayment of its debts by spreading them, for example, in monthly payments spread over a maximum of five years (without interest).

Settlement of debt amicably

It may be possible, depending on the amount of your debts, to negotiate with your creditors a reduced interest rate and a realistic payment schedule that respects your ability to pay.

The voluntary deposit

Under this program, the court can carry out on behalf of the person a debt consolidation at a 5% interest rate and repay the creditors.

When debt becomes insurmountable, most people consider Ananse. There are, however, several other options to consider at Westfield, options that may be more appropriate to their financial situation.

Independent mortgage adviser

Since 2013, banks and mortgage advisors have had to pay the costs of mortgage advice directly to the consumer instead of incorporating it into the mortgage interest. This allows consumers to immediately see how much they have to pay for mortgage advice and moreover they can compare the costs of different advisors. If you compare these costs, you will soon notice that independent mortgage advice costs much more than advice from a bank. Is this independent advice a good choice?

Independent mortgage adviser

home loan

Whether independent mortgage advisers now work independently from their own small business or are affiliated with a large mortgage adviser, they never work in the interest of a particular mortgage lender. They look at your financial situation, the expectations for the future, your spending scope and your wishes for the mortgage. Based on this data, the adviser can calculate your maximum mortgage and advise the mortgage that suits you best.

You can follow this advice and arrange things through the mortgage adviser, such as an offer from the mortgage provider. If you decide to take out a certain mortgage, you pay the mortgage costs separately to the mortgage provider.

If you opt for advice from the mortgage provider, he or she will also review your financial situation and link up with the mortgage advice. But he only advises mortgages from the bank for which he works, so there is a good chance that you will not end up with the lowest mortgage interest rate.

If you ultimately take out a mortgage, you pay the closing costs separately

If you ultimately take out a mortgage, you pay the closing costs separately

Tip! With a mortgage it is best to also take out a term life insurance policy. Banks and independent advisers also charge closing or brokerage fees for this. So compare these costs also before you decide how to close them.

Independent mortgage advisor costs

Independent mortgage advisor costs

An independent mortgage adviser charges more costs than an adviser from the mortgage provider. These costs quickly differ by around 1,000 euros, depending on the consultant. But in the end you save on mortgage interest again and often this difference in mortgage interest easily compensates for the higher costs. That way, with the more expensive advice, you are even cheaper.

At most banks and at most independent mortgage advisors you can conduct an intake interview free of charge. This way you can already make an estimate of which option is the cheapest for you. You can also request quotes from the various advisors to compare costs.

Home insurance cover: the differences

Always wanted to know what the differences are between the coverage of a home insurance policy? When taking out a home insurance policy you can choose from two cover types: Basic and All-risk. Macheath has listed the differences for you. 

Basic coverage

Basic coverage

With the basic insurance you are covered for the following:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft / burglary
  • Riots
  • Storm (from wind force 7)
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Oil, smoke and soot
  • Water damage (from water pipes, etc.) and precipitation
  • Freezing water pipes
  • Collision / collision
  • Fall trees, cranes and pile drivers


The most comprehensive insurance offers coverage against any ‘external calamities’. Any sudden and unforeseen damage caused by, for example, a storm is thus covered in principle. But you are also insured for ‘accidents’. If you let a candle fall over and damage your carpet, you can reclaim money from the insurance for that. However, the policy has many exceptions. Damage caused by your pets to your own belongings is usually not reimbursed. What you can and cannot declare differs per household insurer. Some insurers do offer 3 or more different cover types. Read more about the most common coverage here.

What is the difference between basic and all-risk?

What is the difference between basic and all-risk?

In this overview we have summarized shortly before you what the differences are between the reimbursements from the basic household insurance and the all-risk coverage. 


From 2.50 euros extra per month you already have all-risk coverage.

Difference in home contents insurance coverage: an example

Difference in home contents insurance coverage: an example

Imagine you drop a bucket of soapy water on your parquet. With a basic cover this is not reimbursed, because the water does not come from a water pipe. If you have all-risk coverage, you can claim the damage. Even if your child makes a nice drawing on the couch, this is not covered by the basic cover. With all-risk coverage you can declare the costs for cleaning your bank.

Big difference most expensive and cheapest

Big difference most expensive and cheapest

The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive household insurance is large. It can amount to more than 100 euros per year. How much do you pay for your household insurance? Perhaps you can insure your household effects at a lower premium. Curious? Discover what you can save. Compare household insurance 5.00 avg. rating ( 96 % score) – 1 vote

Collection Agencies: Do you feel harassed? | Debts



If you are in debt or in a precarious financial situation, it is highly likely that creditors and collection agencies will make attempts to contact you, causing you even more anxiety. In order to protect you against aggressive methods of communication from collection agencies, Mr. Frick is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information on this subject.

Collection agencies act in favor of a creditor, such as a person or firm, in order to claim any amount owing to the creditor.That being said, collection agencies have certain steps and procedures to follow.



The individual who represents the collection agency is obliged to contact you in writing before contacting you by telephone. Only after five days does he have the right to call you. If he calls you, he is obliged to provide you with the following information:

  • His identity
  • The collection agency’s license number
  • The name of the creditor, as well as
  • The amount you owe to the creditor

However, if he can not reach you and leaves you a message, he is only entitled to divulge the name and phone number of the person you will need to call back. This is very important because any other information concerning your financial statement is confidential.

Limit of collection agency fees

Limit of collection agency feesHarassment

If you feel harassed, it is important for you to know what the agent is in his rights to communicate with you, as long as he is respectful and complies with the collection rules.

The agent may call you at work, or call someone around you, but only once if they do not know your personal details. However, it is within his rights to call you at work more than once only if you have given him permission to do so.

It is possible that he joins the person who has bonded you once, since that person has taken charge of paying the creditors if you are unable to do it yourself.

Your rights


In case of doubt, it is your right to verify the validity of communications with an agent by requesting that he present you his legal license to validate it with the Office of Consumer Protection (the OPC). If the agent does not follow the necessary steps, or if he does not have the legal license, file your complaint with the OPC to stop contact with him.

In addition, you can compel him to send you the supporting documents related to the sum of the repayment to the creditors, such as invoices or statements of account, as well as obliging him to communicate to you only in writing so that he can not the more you phone as before. In this event, the agent will have 30 days to join you at no additional cost.

Take note that your request for written communication expires after three months. If the exchange has a duration of three months or more, you are entitled to make a second request. In addition, you can also ask the agent to contact only your legal advisor.


If the debt collector threatens you with lawsuits or arrest warrants, it is understood that you are being harassed. Rest assured that your financial situation does not put you in any position of arrest. The collector has certain procedures and requirements to follow, and if he does not follow his instructions, he can be appealed against. No form of intimidation is tolerated.

Mr. Frick is at your disposal to guide you in your steps.
We are able to offer you solutions to solve your financial problems and put an end to recovery calls. If you want to stop the harassment, contact us now.

Find the down payment of your first home using a loan

Recently, at the Good Finance Summit, the biggest obstacle to the homeownership of young Quebecers aged 18 to 34 was highlighted. It is very difficult for Generation Y youth to raise the capital needed to fund the down payment for the purchase of their first home.

Value of the desired house


Usually, you have to find 20% of the value of the desired house. In the worst case scenario, you have to have your loan secured by ABC and for a pretty good premium, you get it with 5% down payment. As the median value of condos and houses continues to swell, even the 5% becomes inaccessible.

Entrance fee


For a $ 240,000 condo, you need $ 48,000 (20%) of capital. Through ABC, the entrance fee will only be $ 12,000 (5%), but this loan insurance will cost you $ 8,208. This amount will be integrated into your mortgage and amortized according to the chosen term. You will understand that it will significantly increase monthly payments.

Stubborn real estate myths

To realize your real estate dream, you must stop deluding yourself.

“By paying a rent, I throw my money out the window! “

“You can own for an identical payment. “

“A condo is an investment. “

Housing is above all an expense

Housing is above all an expense

Assertions of this kind are full of lies or exaggerations. Here’s the reality: housing is above all an expense! Unless you sublet, your purchase will yield very little capital in the long run. Finally, in Quebec, according to the Federation of Real Estate Boards (FCIQ) including the down payment, it costs on average 60% more to own a home than to rent it. This EXCLUDES property and school taxes, renovations and extras of all kinds.

So, we understand that to afford a residence you must have solid loins.

Your plan to save $ 22,000

To save $ 22,000 in three years, you will need to be disciplined. Follow the steps below and you will succeed.

-Pay all your credit card debts

– Establish a tight budget and stick to it

-Make a plan for two. With 2 salaries, it’s going faster

-Determine your target price and systematically save each week $ 50 each

-Prevent a sum for unforeseen (5% additional)

-Start an automatic debit plan in a moderate quality portfolio. Identify first quartile and / or 4 and 5 star Morningstar funds.

-So RRSP and HBP

-Take your RRSP tax return (after deduction) and put it back in a TFSA

– Target developers and municipalities that offer home ownership promotions and incentives. This can take the form of a tax rebate, a return of capital, or a small down payment.