Help with payday loans -We’ve Got consolidation loans to pay off payday loans

Have you taken a few payday loans that have already become heavy for you? Before you get into even more debt, think about available solutions. One of them is the consolidation of payday loans for those in debt. How to get it Viewing.

We’ve Got consolidation loans to pay off payday loans

A consolidation loan is a liability that combines several payday loans into one. How does it look in practice? The bank lends you money so that you can settle all payday loans incurred so far. Thanks to this, instead of several installments, you pay one, which is usually lower than the sum of existing installments. Of course, for such a loan to make sense, it must be tailored to your financial capabilities. The bank usually extends the repayment period in order to be able to reduce the installment of the liability. As a result, it often turns out that this financial product is more expensive, but at the same time prevents falling into even larger debts.

For consolidation of payday loans to be profitable, you need to approach the topic sensibly. You should carefully compare all the offers on the market. However, another indicator – APRC, is important from the interest rate. He shows what the real cost of the loan will be because, in addition to interest, it includes the commission and any additional fees.


Finally, the monthly installment must be adequate for your earnings. And most importantly – you must report to the bank before you start having problems paying back payday loans. If the BIK shows that you are not paying debts, the bank may issue a negative decision.

How to pay off payday loans? A way to get out of debt

How to pay off payday loans? A way to get out of debt

Taking a payday loan is very simple and quick. Currently, you do not even have to leave your home, just send an application online and wait until the funds are in the bank account. Although it can not be hidden that this is a convenient solution, it can raise many problems. And the temptation to deal with financial problems in this way is increasing.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking out payday loans as long as you pay them back regularly. It is worse if you already have a few and your income does not allow them to be repaid. Then it is not difficult to fall into a spiral of debt, which consists of the fact that you take another loan online to pay off the previous one. How to avoid it

There are several ways. You can renegotiate contract terms. However, in the case of payday loans, it may prove difficult because each of them is granted for a small amount and the para bank may not see the rightness in such action. It is always worth looking around for an additional source of income, thanks to which you will gain funds for repayment of installments. And when this is not an option, think about consolidating payday loans.

Consolidation loans without creditworthiness

Consolidation loans without creditworthiness

Not only banks grant liabilities to pay off other debts. Parabanks often offer loans without creditworthiness. The creditworthiness consists of, among others income, type of employment and history in BIK. You may not meet the conditions required by the bank and your application will be rejected. Then the only way to consolidate is a non-bank loan.

Only with such offers should you be careful. Due to the fact that para bank bears a higher risk, it does not offer such favorable conditions. It may turn out that the repayment of such a loan will be too much of a burden for your budget. Therefore, always look for help at the bank first.