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If you are in debt or in a precarious financial situation, it is highly likely that creditors and collection agencies will make attempts to contact you, causing you even more anxiety. In order to protect you against aggressive methods of communication from collection agencies, Mr. Frick is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information on this subject.

Collection agencies act in favor of a creditor, such as a person or firm, in order to claim any amount owing to the creditor.That being said, collection agencies have certain steps and procedures to follow.



The individual who represents the collection agency is obliged to contact you in writing before contacting you by telephone. Only after five days does he have the right to call you. If he calls you, he is obliged to provide you with the following information:

  • His identity
  • The collection agency’s license number
  • The name of the creditor, as well as
  • The amount you owe to the creditor

However, if he can not reach you and leaves you a message, he is only entitled to divulge the name and phone number of the person you will need to call back. This is very important because any other information concerning your financial statement is confidential.

Limit of collection agency fees

Limit of collection agency feesHarassment

If you feel harassed, it is important for you to know what the agent is in his rights to communicate with you, as long as he is respectful and complies with the collection rules.

The agent may call you at work, or call someone around you, but only once if they do not know your personal details. However, it is within his rights to call you at work more than once only if you have given him permission to do so.

It is possible that he joins the person who has bonded you once, since that person has taken charge of paying the creditors if you are unable to do it yourself.

Your rights


In case of doubt, it is your right to verify the validity of communications with an agent by requesting that he present you his legal license to validate it with the Office of Consumer Protection (the OPC). If the agent does not follow the necessary steps, or if he does not have the legal license, file your complaint with the OPC to stop contact with him.

In addition, you can compel him to send you the supporting documents related to the sum of the repayment to the creditors, such as invoices or statements of account, as well as obliging him to communicate to you only in writing so that he can not the more you phone as before. In this event, the agent will have 30 days to join you at no additional cost.

Take note that your request for written communication expires after three months. If the exchange has a duration of three months or more, you are entitled to make a second request. In addition, you can also ask the agent to contact only your legal advisor.


If the debt collector threatens you with lawsuits or arrest warrants, it is understood that you are being harassed. Rest assured that your financial situation does not put you in any position of arrest. The collector has certain procedures and requirements to follow, and if he does not follow his instructions, he can be appealed against. No form of intimidation is tolerated.

Mr. Frick is at your disposal to guide you in your steps.
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